The inaugural issue of Engage magazine was published by Fanshawe College in fall 2015. Featuring tips, advice and articles from staff and student experts, the print magazine is distributed to households across southern Ontario.

Anne Anne Hamilton, Editor


 Anne Hamilton
Anne Hamilton,

 Brandy Huxley
Brandy Huxley,
Art Director

 Joanna Dales
Joanna Dales,
Copy Editor


Andy Ayala

Andrew Campbell

Trevor Coutts

Jose Ruiz


Agata Lesnik

John Sing


Sarah Baughman

Olivia Borkosky

Andrew Gunn

Patrick Hersey

Meghan Mastronardi

Jeffrey McCormick

Mary Pierce

Jill Ritchie

Mary Rottier

Bette Rowe

Tricia Tankovic

Trevor Williams

Special thanks

Dave Anderson, Tony Frost, Elaine Gamble, Jocelyn Gates, Elliot MacKinnon, Audrey McLoughlin, Dave Schwartz, Janine Shier, Bonnie Thompson, Joshua Westgate, Sarah Zettler

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